Frequently Asked Questions

Common Problem
Does the magic card support iPad, iPod Touch?

Magic card supports iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and App interface adaptation for iPhone.

How does the magic card connect to the phone?

Steps to use the magic card: first download the App “morecard pro” from the App Store (Apple Store), confirm that the phone’s Bluetooth is turned on, then insert the SIM card into the magic card, press and hold the power button of the magic card for 2 seconds to turn on, the red and green lights represent the magic card Enter the state of the mobile phone to be connected, then enter the mobile phone app “morecard pro”, search for the magic card in my device management, click the device name to connect, the original password is unified to “0000”, and you can use it after connecting, call and Texting is operated in the mobile phone App.

Can the data in the SIM card be used?

The magic card does not support Internet access for the time being, and the data in the SIM card cannot be used. If you need to use the data in the card, you need to exchange it with the card in your phone.

How can I buy authentic products of Kuihu brand?

You can purchase Qutiger products from Kuihu’s official website (this site), Kuihu’s Tmall, Jingdong flagship store, and officially authorized dealers.

Can I get an invoice?

All completed orders can be invoiced according to the regulations, and the types of invoices are subject to the regulations of the tax department.

What kind of after-sales service can I get?

We strictly abide by the relevant national laws, and on this basis have formulated a complete after-sales service policy to provide 100% after-sale protection for each product.

How do I get product after-sales service?

If you encounter product-related problems or have any questions, you can always contact our service staff. Please refer to our “After-sales Service Policy” for more regulations.

What guarantees do the goods I purchased have in terms of logistics?

For all customer orders, SF Express will be used as the logistics delivery method, promising “Three Guarantees”.